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    Anti-e's Hinder Results?

    I've read that certain anti-e's can hinder your results. Now I know this is probably true do to the experienced sources. I'm leaning towards Test-E for my first C do to the positive responses what anti-e would inhibit the water and fat retention best as well as the sides without effecting my outcomes. Test-E twice a week @200-250mgs for 9-12weeks w/anti-e ED,EOD, or just when I feel or see signs of bloat, fat retention or gyno?

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    Go 10 weeks, have nolva on hand


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    There is some dispute on the issue......anti E's/ E-blockers will "help" with those sides..but Estrogen plays a very important role in gaining and strength increases. Some of my more experienced friends like to keep anti E's on hand IF its needed. hope that helps

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    from what i have experience letro keeps most of the water off me allowing me to not gain as drastically as some people, but then again i dont loose very much at all because I didnt gain all that "false" water weight. If you want that bloated look but still need protection, use nolva.

    Good luck bro.

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    The extra water (not excessive) creates an environment for max muscle anabolism. The encompassing water actually serves as leverage for the muscles so increased and faster strength gains are achieved. Don't become a dbol water balloon, that's not what I'm saying. I've been one before, it sux. Plus your face is something your mother wouldn't kiss, it's bloated and ugly. Check your diet while on highly aromatizing gear since sodium and fast carbs (high glycemic) will induce additional water retention and fat. Slight water retention is beneficial in my mind. I think of it like a springboard giving you more strength than what you should have for the recruited muscle fibers. This is where powerlifters or BBs may stretch and tear tendons and ligaments due to them not matching the force of muscle. You feel damn good when in the middle of a cycle and you want to lift your car over your head. But you got to listen to your body. I've hurt my right shoulder from trying to push too much weight.

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    I always take 10 mgs nolva while cycling I am Gyno prone. I remember that last time I
    Just saved nolva for PCT and during my 3rd or 4th week of Eq Test my nipples where
    tingling and shit and I had to up my nolva to 80 mgs for like a week untill it passed.
    So never again will I save mine for PCT I just rather take it threw out.

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    I'd bump the dosage up to 500mg bro... it really isnt that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AandF6969
    I'd bump the dosage up to 500mg bro... it really isnt that much.
    I would bump it ta 12 weeks aswell cuz at ten weeks you dont want to stop
    taking 10 mgs nova wont hurt the gain to much, it will keep the water down
    however I will say like others have that I little water/estrgen is a good thing.
    make ya stronger

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    At this dosages you do not need anti-e. We know that, even if there are claims GH not work, GH important. Estrogen significantly increases GH production. Test aramotizes and estrogen occurs, oxy itself binds to estrogen receptor increases GH production in cells to sky, tren also a progestin significantly increases IGF and GH. You need estrogen, but not too much. If you have high test or etc. like 750mg/week above you need anti-e. Since this your first cycle and you will not joim a show do not use anti-e unless you need (I hope you not)

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