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    Question Hairloss or no hairloss?

    Goin to do my 1st cycle. Goin to be a test only cycle. Test cyp to be exact at 400mg a week. 200mg on mon and thurs. Will i have ne problems with hairloss? I am 22 and everyone from my mom side has no hair problem. Even my grandfather has hair. I've always had a recieding hairline though from my biological father, but ive always had it. Its not bad, He has hair still but his hairline went back a little. But will i have neproblems with this 400mg dose. Goin to take it for 10weeks

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    It's all genetic bro, certain AAS wil speed it up. If you're predisposed to male pattern baldness you're going to loose some no matter if you use AAS or not. You can take finastride to block the conversion of test to DHT, but that will only help with test and not DHT derived AAS like winny, var, and masteron .

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