OK, its time for me to brag now:

Last cycle I only did 200 mg of sust a week and increased my box squat with about 25-30 lbs, my bench press with 33 lbs and my deadlift by about 22 lbs.

Now I`ve taken 210 mgs of estandron (200 mg testo and some estrogen actually. Lubes the joints) a week and 10 mg of dbol a day for about two weeks. The two max effort excersises I`ve done (I train westside) have been incline bench presses and stiff legged deadlifts.
In these two weeks I`ve increased the incline by 12,5 kgs (about 30 lbs) and my stiff legged DLs by 10 kgs (22 lbs).

Isn`t this pretty amazing increases for such small doses? Also, increasing 10kg+ in both a pressing movement and a DL variant in only two weeks of a "sissy cycle" makes me wonder what a 12 week cycle of 500-750 mg of testo would do.
Could it be that I have some sort of "super-receptors" or something? I mean, sure I eat well, get a lot of proteins and sleep and work hard, but who doesn`t right? And I seriously doubt that I`m the only one not getting watered out roids