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    Dont want acne? Try this.

    I know a lot of you people on this board are always concerned with acne. Before I make my point I want to say that you will never know if a certain steroid is going to give you facial or back/shoulder acne until you try the drug yourself. But if you want the gains that most of these drugs can give you, you need to be prepared for the consequences that go along with it such as possible acne, hair loss and even stretch marks. I know the drugs dont cause the strecth marks but if you are doing what you need to be doing you will be getting mad strong and might acquire some stretch marks. If you are not prepared for these possibilities then you need to make sure you want of join the world of AS. Okay. Im off my little soap box.

    Now to my advice.

    In order to at least slow down or curtail the acne I have found these tips to help me out considerably.

    1) use a non-pore clogging body wash. Toss out the bar of soap you have been using. It dries out the skin and is really unhealthy for your skin. I think ther are several body washes out there. I know it sounds gay but try it, it works better than bars of soap.

    2) Since you have a body wash now make sure you acually wash your back. Buy something that will assist you in reaching the spots on your back you cant reach with your arms.

    3)Post workout: If you sweat a lot i would recommend bringing a dry shirt to change into after you train. Nothings worse for you than to leave a sweaty shirt on your back. Let your skin breathe and dry out.

    4) Shower ASAP. dont go to the store and grab some food after a workout before you clean yourself. Of course its all within reason.

    5) After you shower use a lotion to mosturize your skin. Again, it may sound stupid, but its good for you to do this. For your face use one that wont clog pores.

    Im not saying that this will cause you not to have acne or get rid of it but it will at least help a little bit. Again, if you are scared of acne then you may not be ready for juice. Think about it.

    Just my opinion. Take it for what its worth.

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    Good points!!

    I use OXY acne wash during cycles.It does help alot with acne on the back and shoulders.Not a cure all by any means.But it keeps boils to a minimum.

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