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    First Tren nightmare

    Well after 5 weeks of Tren with no nightmares, I finally had my first last night. It was something that is a family related, very underlying and unspoke of emotional thing. I woke up a little disoriented and was confused until I went back to sleep. To say the least it was a little disturbing. Are Tren nightmares usually supressed emotional issues with a fvcked up twist? I'm no stranger to very weird dreams but this was very strange. The voices were so fvckin creepy.

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    i get some crazy ass nightmares with tren . i dont think mine are alwas tha emotional related

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    When I first started taking tren I had the most screwed up night mares. LOL but after so many cycles that seems to have dissipated.

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    Tren is fvcking weird stuff. I've never did it but it's very interesting to say the least. I would say you have more stuff to dream about the older you get so that's got to be freaky. I know you dream a lot during adolesence due to hormonal surges. My young dog (Boxer) even dreams and wakes up freaked out sometimes, it's funny. I hear the dreams are vivid too. Wow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seattle Junk
    I hear the dreams are vivid too
    I had the most fukd dreams on tren . So vivid it was like I was watching a movie that fluctuated from a first and third person point of view. I had one streak when I was murdered five nights in a row and the sixth night I killed my father. Then I had to ombine that with the night sweats.

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    Yeah I had a few weird ones lastnight. One I beat my dad up after he was talking to me in this really creepy scratchy voice. I think he was a demon because his eyes were all fvcked up.
    The other one was in a wal-mart and darth vadar came down on a bolt of lightning from the ceiling. He proceded to walk around vaporizing people while others started to loot shit out of the store. I was hiding under a rack of clothes and he walked by. I could see and hear his feet as he walked by. Then I could hear him breathing. I was sure I was dead when he stopped at the clothing rack I was hiding under but then he ran off and killed some more people. There were both very vivid dreams though. Weird shit man!

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    Thats pretty funny. Darth vader attacking a wal-mart.


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    lol, thats some crazy shit, but i've seen crazy shit at wal-mart's man... I was about 16 at the time, I was looking for my grandmother. I cut through the men's clothing section, heading towards the grocery isles.. when I see this really tall, skinny guy with no pants... this guy was like 6'5 , but looked like he weighed 160 lbs, and he was all legs.. nasty.. and he was old... anyway.. he is standing there.. in a shirt... with boots on, and no pants. He'd trying on blue jeans... I am stunned... I go and get my grandma, I show her the guy and start laughing. Some people came by and ducked down behide him and looked under his shirt to see if he was wearing any underwear. Turns out the guy was wearing a female's bathing suit, it was black with a red rose on it.. yea.. that guy got thrown out by security.

    Another time I had stoped by this wal-mart to get fishing supplies for a vacation. Before I get in the store, I hear this dude screaming " Oh no, please, I am sorry, I am so sorry, please I won't do it again " I turn around and see these two dudes beating the shit out of this little punk. Turns out they were security, and he had stolen some stuff from the store. They cuffed his ass in a matter of seconds after getting him on the ground.

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