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    Newbie: LEtro and not closed growth plates

    suppose a late maturer, 18 years old, last in class to get facial hair, developed deep voice after other etc. and possibly still growing wants to take gear and that will stunt his growth. but can he take his gear WITH letro and not risk stunting possible growth?

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    Nope. Shouldn't be taking anything for quite a few years.

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    to answer your question u dont need steroids because as of now ur body is already making enough test, you just need to eat right. BUT from what I have read, its the estrogen the causes the closure of growth-plates, so if you were to use letro it would completly stop the estrogen from forming so you can keep growing.

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    to young bro... tap into all that natural test floatin in your body... best part is it is free... get a strict diet from the diet forum and u will b in business....

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