I'm debating this summer, since I have alot of free time for the first time in my life, to try some new things. One of them would be taking Halo for the first time. The type would be stenox, the 2.5 mg tabs in blister packs. Ive seen people suggest everything from 10mg's ED for a beginner to 25mg's ED. Thats a large margin for error, and I am running it alone, not with anything else. How hard does Halo shut you down? I would most definetily be taking clomid after, but I'm not sure if I should dose the clomid like I would with test, or maybe go lighter on the clomid? Any input is welcome. Also, what kind of good liver protectants? So far I have ALA and milk thistle. I'm going to be taking a ton of ALA regardless since all the new info there is on it. Anything else I should be aware of?