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    swole101 is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2005

    New cutter critique!

    days 1-25 200 mg dnp
    days 1-30 50-100mg winny (still deciding dosage)
    days 1-30 75mg t3
    days 1-25 ephedrine 100mg/day
    caffeine 800mg/day
    asprin 324mg/day
    day1-30 1800mg greentea/day

    this is my third time running dnp

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    promiscio is offline Member
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    Dec 2003
    Thats hardcore. How are you able to function on all of that?

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    Jan 2002
    IMO you need to add some test in there not only as your base but to maintain some muscle mass. DNP and T3 together could be harsh and your body may start to burn your muscle as fuel. Keep your caloric intake high.

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    j martini is offline Member
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    Feb 2005
    Overkill! Why only 30 days? Why so little AAS.

    Combining the ECA stack along with DNP and T3 will be very catabolic with just winny.
    I would diet for longer and rely more on diet than fat burners.

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