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Thread: dhea

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    anyone ever had any issues with using this (50mg ed) with or without using gear and what type of results have u had

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    I'm in my thirties so I run DHEA on and off durring the year at 100mg a day. I truley don't know if I actually see physical results from it. It doesn't matter anyway the gov will soon have this supplement on thier list as a controlled substance.

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    I never really noticed any results from it. I did seem to elevate my mood slightly. Some of it depends on your age. As you get older you produce less of it naturally. If you are at an age where your body is not producing much of it you might notice some results but not significant ones. There are some guys on the board that are far more knowledgeable about this topic than I am so just wait for some more informed responses. Good Luck!

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