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    Aborted Cycle-INJURY- PCT Question

    Guys, Id like to ask this to the more senior members, or professional Gear Heads, whatever that means I ask that you please reframe from posting replies to this if you fall under the following categories

    1) if you never don't steroids , but you know many who have and have given them advice.
    2) if you have done a cycle or two in the past, and/or you have read each and ever post here over and over and consider yourself a expert.
    3) or this same thing has happened to your friend/s in the past and now your just passing along some 3rd party advice!

    I'll keep it short and sweet. Due to an injury I had to abort my cycle about 5 weeks in, I was doing 1ml each of Test Ent and Deca , except for the last 2 injections I did 1.5 ML of each, I injected every 3rd day.

    From my records I injected a total of 10 times.

    Im taking 25mg of Proviron 2x daily, even after my last injection to combat any estrogen that may surface.

    I was also adding HCG with my my gear. I'm no longer taking the HCG since my last injection and right now It's been 10 days since my last injection and I want to start my PCT very shortly, and here is my question.

    ONE I have 33 tabs of Clomid, I was wondering since I did a shorter cycle then usual, can I do a shorter cycle of PCT using my 33 tabs of Clomid?

    TWO Should I stop my Proviron when I start my PCT?

    I know that I probably won't hurt anything doing a regular PCT, however if that's what suggested here, I will have to order some.

    Comments please
    Mega Thanks in Advance!

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    I read through your list of pre-advice criteria and hopefully my qualifications will meet your scrutiny. (fingers crossed) Where do I submit my resume?
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