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Thread: knee pain

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    knee pain

    i have been having really uncomfotable pain in my patella tendon lately. It's really sore to the touch or when i bend my knee. I can still squat on it but I had to call my leg workout short today because of the pain. I went and saw the doctor earlier today and he said that i had tendonidis in the tendon. he told me to take three weeks off my leg routines and take lots of advil. I was going to start my cycle next week but now i think im going to hold off. Then i had a thought and wanted to run it buy you guys. If i started my cycle that has 300mg a week of deca in it would it actually make my knee heal up quicker. Just wondering because i have heard some amazing stories about joints and deca. thanks for any imformation you might have.

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    I'd hold off on the cycle until you're all healed. No point in rushing things.

    I didn't find deca helped much with my knee. It did a little bit but frankly Advil worked better. Hooker just posted something very interesting here the other day about deca:

    How much deca?

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    I wouldn't start a cycle when injuried. Wait until you are 100% that way you can put 100% into your workouts.

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    Estandron is also supposed to do wonders for your joints.

    I`m doing est. now and my knee is about the same. 90% of my pains went away after a week or so, but the remaining 10% just won`t let go even when I use anti-inflamatory shit or whatever the hell it`s called.

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