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Thread: Tear Muscle

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    Tear Muscle

    Yesterday I was doing heavy squats about 300 pounders when I felt my damn hamstring pulling, at first I though it was a minor pull, but this morning I woke up with a pain in my left ass that almost paralise my left leg, I went to the quiropractor and gave me the bad news that I tored up my hamstring "shit". Now I have to put on hold my cycle (been on it for about 3 Weeks) I did Dbol , testC, Deca , and Nolva. Should I start right away my PCT with Clomid,Nolva and TongKat or I should wait a couple of weeks, and should I do the whole 4 wks of the PCT. I would appreciate any info.

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    do your pct and take it easy, my friend did the same thing playing basketball and didn't give it enough time to heal and injured it worse than the first time. The pct will help you keep some muscle and let your natural test levels recover to normal and heal you up. Good Luck.

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