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    NPP Detection Time

    Hey bro's
    I've been researching NPP and I'm thinking of trying it for the first time. The thing that concerns me is the supposed detection time. I've been researching alot and it seems to me that the reason a substance stays active and can be detected for a longer time is the ester.

    Am I correct in this assumption? If this is the case why wouldn't NPP with the phenyl prop ester have a similar detection time of say TPP with a detection time of say 6-12 weeks. With an active half life that is relatively short it should clear the system alot faster than the decanote ester. I'm just trying to figure out why a phenyl prop ester would take so much time to clear.

    Is there something inherent to nandrolone that takes it longer to clear..

    Thanks for any input

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    the ester does matter, but the nandrolone is what makes it stay so long. Nandrolone Decanoate (deca ) is detectable upto a year after use. I think durabolin has a long detection time also. Try using the steroid clense product to get it out of your system(although its still in its trial phase)

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