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    Var, Tbol and Cholesterol

    Hey guys, I am trying to obtain any factual information on the PERMENANT effects on your cholesterol levels when taking either var or tbol. I would like to take one of these to cut later this summer, but am having a hard time finding anything but opinions. I know that items such as flax or fish oil are a great benefit but do these products ward off the damage done, or does any damage done stay with you as opposed to returning to normal after the cycle is over? Any facts would be a big help. Thanks
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    You should always take Omega 3s and Johansen has a great thread on niacin on this subject. Diet is the most important, especially when on a cycle.

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    after my last cycle which included 50mg of var for almost 6 weeks, my cholesterol values were pretty out of whack. Five weeks after it end the values were back above the normal ranges.

    I think as long as you dont stay on too long, you wont causing enough damage to start to clog arteries. Your values will typically return to normal within a few weeks of stopping. Taking omega 3's, niacin and garlic can help too

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