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    question about ancilliaries and liver function

    I have just started a 10 week test cyp/eq cycle for gaining clean mass with as little water retention as possible. I planned to use nolva throughout the cycle to prevent the water bloat that makes my face unattractive and to make it alot less obvious of what I am doing. The problem here is I have started taking strattera for my adhd (helps alot) and tamoxifen interacts with the same liver enzyme (2d6) that straterra does. I need to find an ancilliary that will prevent the test water-retention similar to tamoxifen (nolva) that won't interact with liver enzyme 2d6 which could cause serious liver complications in the future....

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    depending on what day you're on, you might want to consider stopping your cycle until yor meds have run their course, or switching to t prop or sust 250 both of which exude a little less bloat than cyp. depending on the dosage of course.
    as for anti e's that won't interact, i know of none.

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