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Thread: trenbelone

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    ok so the trenbelone is no good, what is a good starter. i haven't taken anything yet and live in pittsbugh so it's not like the workout mecca of the planet. what is easy to find and use for a starter.

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    It's dark in here......
    bro....there is tons of info out there on begginer cycles...just use the search button and read, read, read. Also, it is better to give your stats like age, height, weight, goals, diet...etc so that ppl here can help you better. You need to do a lot more researching by the sounds of it...if you come up with a question from your reading, feel free to fire them off...the only dumb question the one not asked

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    E London,no SOURCES given

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    yeah test,
    you should have kept this in the same thread man

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    I'm stuck in the same situation. I live in Wisconsin, which is probably even worse than Pittsburg! I got sick of being unsuccessful for a source so I just ordered some finaplix (60mg ED) and got started. I would have used test e but couldn't get any. I've gone from 190 to 212 lbs. in 8 weeks. Sex drive is down, but it is not shutdown. I'm very statisfied with my results so far. Good luck, bro!

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