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    tren leaking out of bottle

    I homebrewed some tren . I think i did it right. I am on day 15 and have little insomnia, aggressiveness, etc. However, i brewed appx. 100ml. I have a 100 ml bottle and am drawing with an 18 guage pin and shooting with a 25 guage. I layed the bottle down on its side last night and could feel some oil on the outside of the bottle. Is 18 guage too big. That is all i have other than 25g.

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    I use a 20g 1.5" to draw. The 18g is tearing up the rubber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMudMan
    I use a 20g 1.5" to draw. The 18g is tearing up the rubber.

    This may have also affected the sterility of your home brew. If it can get out then anything can get in. JMO

    Good luck

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