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Thread: Hormone Rebound

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    Hormone Rebound

    Has anyone experienced a Hormonal rebound higher than before they cycled? Its now 8 weeks since my last shot, 5 weeks after PCT from a 16 weeker.

    The last week or so I have had the horn bigtime, more so than when on nearly a gram of test, and more importantly my aggression has been very different. I am more volatile now and have never experienced 'roid rage '

    I am hoping this is my test level coming back to normal or even higher than before as I am never this bad usually!

    Any thoughts guys or anyone experienced the same thing?
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    im also about 5 wks off pct and have been hornier than normal and last night i made a scene at mcdonalds because they forgot my fries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by edmen2
    and last night i made a scene at mcdonalds because they forgot my fries!
    i would have done the same. forgeting fries is unexeptable

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    I have had some rebound before. Happened more so in the way I saw my gains then in my disposition, but I started to get back to "on cycle" types of strength gains about 2 months after my cycle. It was kinda nice actually. But yeah, I have seen hormone rebound.

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    This dude posted a thread a little while back claiming that 2 or 3 months (can't remember exact dates anymore) after pct he got blood work done and his test levels were higher then what they were before he even cycled! He was a little older too, like in his late 30's. Maybe the drugs we use for pct can stimulate testosterone production even after the drugs are stopped. Who knows?

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