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    Anyone actually done a D-bol bridge?

    I know everyone has their opinion on whether a D-bol bridge works or not, but who has really done one? and what kind of results did they get? and what was it like when they ended the bridge and started a real cycle again? When I start PCT for my curent cycle I was thinking of taking 5-10mg in the morning right before the gym, only on workout days 5 days a week. 6'1'' 265, 7 years of ASS use(not straight use!).

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    I dont think its worth bridging with AAS, use IGF-1 and give your body a break from AAS for a while to recuperate from your cycle.

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    I ran a dbol bridge at 10mg in A.M. It was pretty effective and I ran it up to about one month before starting my next cycle. IMO though GH/slin/IGF is better option for a lets your body fully recover.

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    Yeah, I also ran 10mg dbol in the AM for about a month. Worked well and I did'nt loose anything but then of course this is just a minicycle in between two regular cycles so your body does'nt recover.

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