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    Questions about possible cycles.

    I'm new to gear and would like experts like you to tell me what they think about
    the stack I'm concidering, and currently taking.

    Unfortunatly I am unable to inject myself. A phobia from childhood that I know all of you are going to call me a pussy for. I'm know why injectable steriods are more effective, and less harmfull. Currently I'm taking Oxybolone 50mg daily. (A-Bombs) I'm also taking several supplements including those for liver detoxification, natural test production, and anti-estergen. I've been told by other sites to stack test with the oxybolone, or I'll loose everything once I cycle off. But of cource I've read another thread on this site not to take two orals. One site said I should stack Dianabol and the Oxybolone?

    Soon I'm going to re-order more gear, and I'm concidering what to get. Prescription anti-estergen is a deffinate, but I haven't desided on what else to get. I was thinking about Stanazol for the end-of-cycle issue with a-bombs. Any suggestions on what to get? Tell me what you think. Thanks for your time.

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    If you wish to be successful in the steroid game and life in general you must confront and overcome your fears. Oral only cycles are largely ineffictive and keeping gains are very difficult.

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    Injectables are the only way you'll make real gains. If you're not ready for it, focus more on your diet and training. No pain no gain.

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    Maybe you should try some of the transdermal stuff, I think tren can be made like that and maybe others not too sure about it but check into it and you'll find something along these lines. If that doesnt fit you, then the only oral that is easy to keep the gains is M1T given that you do correct PCT.

    Good luck.

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    "Pumpaholic" said he got good resulys on anavar and tbol, I haven't tried it myself.

    USN DV

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