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Thread: DNP at 100mg?

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    DNP at 100mg?

    After reading a ton of threads and doing a lot of research on this, it seems as though everyone reacts differently at dfnt doses. Even the recommended starting dose of 200mg has wreaked some havoc on some members who only stay at that dosage.

    My question is, would starting at 100mg be a good way to go? Would it even be effective? Everyone says start at 200mg, so I'm wondering if 100mg might still work to someone who's sensitive to it. Just thinking along the lines of better safe than sorry.

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    Unless you make the tabs yourself which I don't recommend unless you are very experienced, then you can't get them in anything but 200mg as far as I know. I will say this, I've done 2 cycles with dnp 200mg/d for 30 days and the sides were very bearable and the results like no other.

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