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    gear from docter

    Has anyone ever gone to a doc directly after a cycle, when test is low, and get your doc to prescribe some gear, but then just save it for a next cycle?

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    i think they'd have ways to find out that u just cycled, so i cant see it working, not even in canada lol

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    I went soon after a cycle and my test levels were still a little low even after 3 week PCT / also my liver values were just a tad out of range The endo had me wait six weeks and take another test. The levels are still a little low but my liver is fine and I have an Apt. on Friday to discuss the next step.

    They are pretty curious as to why your levels are suffering and don't just go prescribing meds like this right away. He made sure that I know that if I go on TRT I will be doing it for life. He also had a talk with my wife and I about the complications if we want to have any more kids and also that if I do decide to stop it is going to be hard. My insurance also has a pretty strict policy about paying for TRT and they give very few doses at a time (would take a long time to save up for a cycle at 200mg every two weeks). Also after starting TRT the endo is going to have me going for blood tests to evaluate the test levels. He'd probably know I wasn't using my prescription and hording the juice.

    I think if you wanted gear like that a Hormone replacement therapy clinic would be the most knowledgeable and woould be worth calling up.

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    my friend went to see if he could get some anti-Es and the doctor told him that it was his choice to take steroids and that he would have to pay for them himself,(uk)
    but to me this is crap because smackheads choose to take their drugs but they and other dependants get all the help and free drugs they need!

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