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    Taking my second cycle,how combine the products?

    Hello, im a new member,from norway and i see that its a lot of educated members here.
    Some years now since last time ive juiced. Im going to train hard and use Aas again now. I therefor have a question on how to combine my products for the best result? I primary want to gain,bulk zize. My AAs decided to use is:anapolon ihave 60 tabs, deca durabolin ,i have 10ml of that,and test cyp.20ml. Anyone who can give me a tip, i will appriciate it.

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    Not much to work with,probaly need alittle more gear for it, what doses are the cyp and deca ??...stock up and let it rip.

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    Best way to get a reply from teh vets is to propose a cycle and ask for it to be critiqued but from what I have read you need to double the deca and test before you will be able to get a good cycle.
    You have any PCT planned?

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    i would run the test and deca for 15wks or so, an IMO leave anapolon out this round since its your first itme back in a while. I would run the test at 750mgs /wk an 450 of the deca runnin this 2wks shorter than your test! you also need a pct!!

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