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Thread: which anti E's

  1. which anti E's

    I am constructing my third cycle and I am trying to decide what anciliaries I want to use. My first cycle was test and dbol and I used 10mg nolva w/ .25mg l-dex ED. I had absolutely no bloat durring this cycle, but was very strict on my diet and avoided sodium.
    Second cycle I ran test e and eq, only ran 20mg nolva w/ it and did get some blaoting.
    I am running tren /prop this time and I am considering what to use. I believe most people run letro with tren, but do I need to add nolva, ldex too?? and whats the most common dosage on the letro?

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    run the letro with tren , and keep nolva on hand in case. If ldex worked for you before it will again.

  3. so running letro and ldex would be a good idea? I was thinking that I shouldn't bloat too much with tren /prop. what dose is sufficient for the letro??
    thanks again

  4. back to pg 1... anybody?

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