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Thread: testabold

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    Hey brothers....curious about your opinion....

    How do you feel about a substance called testabold which contains 250mg Testosterone Enanthate and 200mg Boldenolone or the second option being 250mg Testosterone Enanthate and 200mg Boldenolone along with .50mg Anastrozole? Do you think i would be better off going with the testabold that containts the .50mg of Anastrozole?

    I am planning my next cycle and would like to use one of the forms of guess is most are going to say go ahead and use the one with the .50mg of Anastrozole...

    I will get back to everyone with my plans for my future cycle as soon as i know exactly what i will be using...

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    When I use Anastrozole as an anti-e I use it at .25mg ED. To achieve that same dosage you would be injecting quite a dose of test and eq.

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