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Thread: New Face

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    New Face

    Hey fellows. I am new to the board and just had a question about my upcoming stack. 300 mg Deca and 300 mg of Sustanon 250 per week. I am no newbie when it comes to lifting and dieting, but gear is a new concept for me. Right now I am on a small cycle of Deca, which is my first time. One question would be to take both Deca and Sust on the same day or one on a monday and the other on a thursday. Let me know what you guys think. There is also a small bit of info on me in the new members thread.

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    You are going to want to run 500mgs test, due to the deca shutting you down (unless you dont have a girlfriend and dont care) And because of the prop in the sust you really should be shooting everyother day...this isnt a once a week kind of thing....test cyp, ya...this no.........and you can mix the deca and test together.

    goodluck and find out what PCT stands for.

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    do like he said, and welcome to the board.

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