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    test e./dbol/winny - need some advice from u guys

    i'd like you to help me with my cycle, but something about me first. Been lifting for over 3 years. When i started i was really fat - don't know the right bf numbers but i was damn huge (so, as you guess - i'm an endomorph). Got down 40kg and than bulked (creatine cycles, than i did m1t for 3weeks) and now i'm cutting again. I'm going to cut for this month too to get as low with bf (round 12% now) as i can (using ud2.0 with some clen & yohi). Than i'd like to do an aas cycle. I'd like to get lean mass and i'll be probably eat lowcarb-way (+/- 1,3grams of protein/lbs, round 200g carbs daily and the rest will be fat - going to add from 200-500kcal /i know it's rather low but i gain fat like crazy and i don't need huge gains).

    1-8 t. enan 250mg/week
    1-4 dbol 20mg/a day
    5-9 winstrol 30mg/a day
    1-9 nolva 10mg/day

    pct :
    1-1? nolva 20mg/day
    1-1? clomid ??mg - here i would need your advice too.
    1-1? clen 80mcg/d

    What would you change, what's good, what's not? Maybe someone done similar cycle ? Or maybe you could suggest something diff. for lean mass (i know t.prop. would be ideal but i can't get injections done only on weekends? Look at the doses too, plz. Regards,

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    Goodjob on the weightloss and also the decsion to lower your bf even more before u start.
    First off I would scratch the dbol ..thats just going to give you unwanted poundage.
    Look into a test e/eq cycle for 10 weeks.

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    I understand that doses are highly individual but how much test would be ok for me (looking@my weight and bf). I would prefer to do injections on weekends.
    Adding nolva seems ok? To prevent from unwanted estrogen and water bloat?
    I'm a bit worried about EQ - as it is said to cause some health problems, maybe deca would be safier?

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