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    another cycle....some ideas?

    Hey brothas I have been planning my next cycle...and am a little unsure of what i would like to include....I am def. going to be running Testabold 450 (which is 250mg Testosterone Enanthate 200mg Boldenolone Undecylenate and .50mg Anastrozole). I will be shooting it twice a week. But I would like to throw in something else as well. I am looking to gain a signifcant amount of mass and then would like to shed the fat and water and get down to business cutting it up. I have already did dbol in my past cycle to jumpstart for the first 4 weeks. I have anavar on hand as we speak....I am looking for another injectable to throw in with the testabold....also if you fellas think it would be a good idea to start it off with dbol as usual i wont mind at all....just looking for others input...

    I have my diet and pct's good to go....

    Thanks Again

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    I see this is your second cycle. Three hormones is plenty. Throw the var toward the end of your cycle so that you run right up to PCT. Shedding the fat is just a matter of keeping your diet in check and staying disciplined with the cardio. Water retention is not a problem if anti-es are in place.

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