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    who has an enlarged left ventrical

    i need to know how many here have an enlarged left ventrical and are cycling on and off roids? I want to know what is safe to use? the doc said lift lighter weights more reps well if i have to do that i want to get cut up and loose fat

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    Anyone who engages in intense cardio-vascular work has the potential for hypertrophy of the left ventricle. There is some evidence anaerobic training may cause some enlargement of the heart but not as much as with intense CV (if you want references see Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Baechle and Earle, 2000).

    The heart is a muscle like others in the body and therefore susceptible to muscle fibre enlargement - hypertrophy.

    A lot of the scaremongering with regard to steroid users and heart enlargement has some credibility, but the same claims are not negatively compared with other athletes (football, American football, rugby, basketball etc) and their possible heart hypertrophy as a long term adaptation to exercise.

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    I remember reading bout how steroids make the heart hypertrophy in a diffrent way than doing sports would make it. I cant remember exactly but it was something like that steroid would make some parts of the heart grow abnormally compared to the hypertrohy aquired through sports..

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    Listen to Bigun, left ventrical hardening has been linked to non ********* intense workouts(cardio and intense heavy lifting) very clinically, it has never been proven anywhere scientific to have had greater effect w/ gear. This is more than likely because the heart is a smooth not striated muscle tissue and therefore affected differently by test based steroids . You dont hear them talking about people who use steroids haveing hardened intestinal lining do u? Once again another smooth muscle in the body.

    As an additional thought, most docs are complete idiots when it comes to gear, lifting and fitness in general. If you like the one u got and trust him ask him what gear to use, LOL. Let us know how that works out for ya.
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