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    Is this a side of AAS?

    Hey guys for the past couple of days i have had a light stomach ache. I dont know why. I have been on a really strict cutting diet. usually eating salads, lots of fish, egg whites, etc. but cuz i was gettin over test flu and stuff I havent been dieting. so i been eating a lil unhealthy, like typical home cooked food.

    Currently i am on Test eth and Test prop. Trying to do 1000mg of Test eth and 400 mg of Test Prop weekly. But its hard due to the fact of how painful each shot is.

    Anyway, today my stomach had a lil ache like the past couple of days. took a poop, and my poop was dark in color. close to black. sorry if this is to graphic for sum of u all, [U]but im in a lil pain and want to know where its commin from? Can anyone help?[/U]

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    Most likly it has nothing to do with AAS. Its probably the change in the diet! The best thing you can to do is go see a doc. I tell this to everyone that asks ?'s like this!

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    Yes,those are my legs
    It's probably the water in Kendall!!!

    Joking Bro.......I'm in Broward Co.


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    I think needle is right, it is probably just your diet change. It generally takes at least a week for your body to readjust to a new diet, and if you have increased the amount of protein you normally consume in a day then your are going to get a stomach ache and probably have the sh!ts. When your body can't break down all the protein, you crap it out, or have hellacious gas. Good luck buddy.

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    i don't see injectable gear causing stomach pain... oral maybe

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    Only oral gear causes those results .... probabbly diet like said above ^^

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