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Thread: Cycle Info

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    Question Cycle Info Need Help

    Can someone lay down a cycle for me using.Cus 250, Q.V deca 300, winny tabs 5mg. Clomid and nova Info. Should I mix in some EQ. I 5ft9In 24yrs weight 160 looking to get to 185
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    Hey bud,
    From what I have read, and learned;
    Some sort of test i.e. sust, cyp, enthanate ect.
    and Deca is the best way to put on mass...
    Winny, and EQ are a lot milder, and wont pack on the mass like those others mentioned.... but will help to make you hard....
    So the question you must ask.............. do you want to get big right now, or hard???
    either way if your gonna use some sort of gear, your gonna gain that weight you want.......... but what kinda weight you pack on is up to your diet, and training........
    *remember clomid post cycle to keep your gains....*

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    Like TaZ said...if it's size you want, hold on to the winstrol for now. I would run something like this:

    dbol @ 35mg/day weeks 1-4
    Sust @ 500mg/week x 10 weeks
    deca @ 600mg/week x 10 weeks
    clomid three weeks after last shot of deca: 300mg/day 1, 100mg x 10 days, 50mg x 10 days

    Nolvadex ...hold on to it until you see signs of gyno (which you may or may not see). If nipples become itchy or irritated, start nolva at 80mg/day until symptoms subside and then drop to 20mg/day for remainder of cycle.

    EQ and winny would go well together in a later cycle with test prop (maybe fina).

    BTW....have you ever used AAS before? How long have yopu been training? What is your diet like? (tell us a little about how you're eating).

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