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Thread: B.D test prop

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    B.D test prop

    how many of u have used B.D test prop and is it good? i have heard that virimone is supposed to be the best as it doesnt hurt, does the B.D prop hurt that much

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    I have used both. Yes Virormone is the best out there but there have been talks about a lot of fakes floating about. I still have some here which I am pretty sure is good. I have used BD in the past and it hurt like F*CK and I dont consider myself a P*SSY! I was told by a BD guy that it was just the batch. I trust in what he says and recently bought some more BD Prop.

    Hopefully this batch will be better, if not I'll cut it with something else

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    Yeh the BD hurt. But for some very odd reason after week 4 it subsided, still a bit sore but on a scale of 1-10 a 4, instead of a initially was so bad i couldnt train legs...

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