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    test prop feels like a rock in my shoulder... cant inject

    Ive been test prop ed 100mg for about 2 and half weeks and ive been rotating my delts and my right delt is in far worse pain and it feels like there is a rock in my delt and i cant inject into it seems like there is no bruising on the outside whatsoever it just feels like my delt has a rock in it... is this normal for the pain this is the first time ive felt this since ive been on

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    yea bro i feel you i got that same pain when i injected 50mg winni in my shoulder its alot of pain just do this things it will help alot with the pain

    1-put the amp in warm water for 30sec

    2- mix the prop with water based b12 (painless inj)

    3- get a hot pad & rubb it on the place that you want to inject & flex the muscle

    4- inject wipe the injection site with alchohol & then take a warm shower with messaging the injection place

    i do this with my injections & its great it minimizes the prop/susta pain for me but for right know get your shoulder under hot water.

    good luck,

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    are you shooting in your delts only? If so you need to begin rotating areas. especially with the ed pokes. you should get at least one other areas to shoot, like glutes and delts.

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