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Thread: Hcg Question

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    Hcg Question

    will 400 ieu's weekly throughout a 14 week cycle of 750mg test E really stop my shutdown totaly?partialy?. will it hinder gains .and would i still use hcg as part of pct? thanks in advance

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    I was thinking of doing the same thing. i read on one post where if you took it 2 times a week at 200iu it will not cause you to shutdown. But i would also like to hear more info on this

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    there are a lot of opinions on going to run my hcg like this...200iu/day for 10 days leading up to a few days before starting actual sure to NOT USE hcg alongside clomid

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    Hcg should not be run more than 3 weeks at a time and u must give it at least 5 weeks off before using it again. If u dont do this ur riskin permenant probs with the twins dude. I asked a simialr question to this not long ago and did a lot of searches on it. Checkout hookers profile for info, he's the man. if u want more info PM me and i'll send u all the stuff i came up with bro.

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