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    how much anti estrogen

    hey everyone. I would like to know everybodys opinion on this. Im runing about 700mg of sust a week split in to 3 shots a week. Im taking .25mg of ldex ed and 10mg nolva ed. Im prety sure thats enough anti estrogen for just that but what i need to know is would that still be enough if I took 20mg dbol ed also for 4 weeks. My cycle so far is sust 700mg\week for 12 weeks with pct clomid and nolva. would I need more anti es if i added the dbol.


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    id take 20mg anyway,,,ive had problems with just 10mg so now i use 20mg from the start of my cycles,,,it all depends on your own body but i always say prevention better than any cure...

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