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    Conflicting PCT start times

    I posted this on another forum and got the following response. So which is right and thoughts on my PCT needs following?

    Originally Posted by sdf777
    I'm only a newbie, but aren't you supposed to wait 18 to 21 days from the last injection before clomid?

    "On average, begin PCT approximately 5-10 days after your last injection regardless of longer acting esters. Begin PCT 1-3 days after your last injection and/or intake when using short acting esters.

    Keep in mind, pituitary LH secretion automatically increases as the hormones diminish from your system. The elevated androgen levels are from an exogenous source and your endogenous production is suppressed. Therefore, waiting for the exogenous androgens to completely clear from your system, ultimately results in lower total concentrations of androgens in your system when beginning PCT. This leads to an unfavorable andgrogen:estrogen ratio and the well known “crash” effect." -Jenetic

    I'm finishing up my first cycle of 400 test & 200 deca /week with .5 arimidex EOD. I have nolva and clomid on hand. Should I un the arimidex 7 days past the last injection and then start Nolva 10mg ED until week 3 and start clomid? Thx for any input.

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    u need to run the test 1 wk longer than the deca then start pct 2 wks after last shot assuming its test e. deca is 21 days after test 14.
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    If you end your Deca 1 wk before the Test(?enanthate ?).Your PCT will start 2 wk after last injection.Then you start the Clomid,Nolv and L-dex PCT regiment.


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