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Thread: bleeding

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    Exclamation bleeding

    ok, im on week 3 of a 12 week test prop and eq cycle. after i inject into one of my glutes, i put a band aid over the injection spot right away, but when i take the band aid off the next morning there is always alot of blood on it. so the other day after i injected, i took a baby wipe it held it over the injection site for about 1 min. when i looked, there was tons of blood, it had soaked through the baby wipe, there was alot more blood then when i just put on a band aid after i inject. what do you guys do right after you inject? put a band aid on it right away or what.

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    Dude... aspirate when u poke ureself man...
    After u jab ureself... pull the plunger back a lil...
    If u see an air bubble ure ready to go... just inject the juice in...
    If u draw blood... remove the needle, replace a fresh one
    and repeat the process...

    I understand if u have a few trinkles of blood... but not a whole bucket....
    Anyone else who many know the cause of this bizzare event?

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    are u taking anything that would thin ur blood beer, aspirin, energy drinks. a little blood is normal but not enough to saturate a baby wipe. it sounds like ur passing thru a vein.

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    where are you inj in the glutes mate?if you are jabbin the correct place you should not pass anywhere near a vein!

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    Aspirate man .... ur probably hitting a vein

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    does sound like your hitting vein but when im on high doses of eq i bleed bad as well no matter where i inject


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    aspirate , after the pin is in, draw back a little and check for blood in the syringe. If there is you hit a vein

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    i always bleed after i inject no matter what the occasion is but just enough for a little cotton ball but i learned that if u massage the area before u inject, inject really slow then put immediate hard pressure on the spot with a cotton ball it will stop the bleeding... try a shot in ur delt so u can c what your doing or have some else do it for you to c what happens

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