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    Question vitamin B6 and fina?

    Im runnin test e and fina. Im takin liquidex, which is cuttin down on my bloat real good. Why is vitamin B6 needed when taking tren or fina? I know its got something to do with prolactin levels, but I dont exactly know too much about it. Is B6 it necissary and if so, what doses should be taken, and how often?

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    200mg per day

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    tren is fina, at least in popular usage, and 200 mgs a day is the standard dose to control progresterine sensitivity.

    if you notice nipple sensitivity, run letro @ 1.25mgs/day along with 600 mgs B6 a day (split into 3 doses) until it subsides, then taper down and run 200mgs/B6 a day and like 20mgs nolva/day.

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    I would only go 100mg. If prolactin causes more challenges than that can handle I would use bromocriptine or dostinex. The latter being the favored(plus never used bromo)

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