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    ZMA dosages and zinc intake???

    I been taking ZMA for a while now but i been reading some threads stating that large ammounts of zinc isnt good for you at all. Now i dont buy already made up ZMA supplements, i just buy zinc tabs and magnesium tabs which have B6 in them. I was reading more than say 100mg of zinc a day isnt good, but my zinc tabs are 220mg each ALTHOUGH thats 220mg of zinc amino acid chelate which it states on the back is equivelant to 22mg of elemental zinc. So although it may be obvious but i was just double checking does this mean my zinc tabs are acctually 22mg and not 220?

    Also my magnesium tabs have 300mg magnesium and 25mg B6 .. is this enough magnesium and B6 for proper ZMA ???

    also if my zinc tabs are only 22mg each should i take 2 as it does state on the back to take 2 a day ?

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    you are just fine,

    the zinc is 22 mg (it is simply attached to an amino acid to enhance absorption in your gut)

    I take 20 mg zinc and 300 mg magnesium before bed (without B6)
    and I sleep better and wake up more rested than without them.


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    After taking Zinc & Magnesium. I notice I sleep deeper which results in waking up fresh in the morning

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