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    When to take Nolvadex? Sustanon 350?

    I am doing a 5-6 week cycle of sustanon with masteron , and I was wondering if I should take nolvadex during the cycle, after the cycle or both?

    I just bought a bottle of all-test (sustanon) 350. Is this a common form of sustanon, because I only keep hearing about sustanon 250?



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    1)5-6 weeks of sust won't do much for you, it takes almost that long to really start working.

    2)I usually keep nolva on hand during a cycle but I'm not really gyno prone. If you start showing signs or are gyno prone then run it throughout.

    3)You should use the nolva after as well

    4)sust 350 is an ugl thing, not very common

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    It doesn't sound like you know enough about this stuff to do a cycle. Put the needle down, and do some research.

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    run the nolvadex all the way through and after, gyno is a bitch and prevention is better than any cure,,you will need to run the sus alot longer than that,,,

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