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Thread: no hcg

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    Thumbs down no hcg

    hi lads cant get hold of any hcg so gonna carry on cycle of sustanon until i get sum was going to stop at 8 wks all ive got is clomid my nuts r half the size and dont want to lose my hard work gained over 15pounds up to all i can think of is to stay on till i can find sum .from what im told i will lose nearly all my gains if i just take clomid.cheers john

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    this wasnt wise on your part man. you should have researched before your cycle and acquired what you needed before starting any AASs. Most people don't need HCG though.

    I dont see your reasioning behind continuing to take Sustanon if you want to get your gonads back up to size. Stop taking Sustanon and your body will upregulate them over time and they will return to size, clomid speeds this up considerably.

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    I just did deca 300/wk, along with 500/wk test e. and all I got is nolva and clomid for ptc. you should be straight

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