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    syringe and pins question

    I come across 100 B-D pins. Will these pins work on the Terumo syringe?
    The needles are 25 g 1 1/2" I will be shooting Deca and Test E. We can mix both Deca and Test oils together for injection correct? How many cc will the syringe need to be if shooting 400 mg deca and 500 mg test e?

    Thanks for the input.

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    I don't know if mixing those pins and syringes would work. The best way to find out would be take one of each out of the pack and try twisting them together. As for how many cc's you will need. It all depends on how many mg/ml your stuff is. 1ml=1cc. And yes you can mix the two substances together.

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    u can mix the two... as far as how many cc's will the shot be... well that depends on the strength of the gear... if your test is 250mg a ml and your deca is 200mg a ml, then 500mg test and 400 mg deca wld b 4 cc's... the good news is u shoot half that every 3.5 days to keep blood levels steady...

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    Yes you can interchange them. I usually use terumo pins with bd syringes. And as scrub said you can mix the two. I presume your deca is 200mg/mL and test is 250mg/mL so you'd need 5cc syringe for all that. But I suggest your break it up into two shots of 200/250 and shoot twice a week.

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    yes you can mix them

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    I have used Terumo syringes with BD needles before. and they worked fine. I would assume that the same goes for your question, but I would get a second opinion.

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