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Thread: Help!!!

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    Need a quick simple answer...

    The last injection I took was on June 27 of sustanon 250, I was on a 6 week cycle, I just took a piss test on Sept. 7, am I clear yet??? I ran it with Winstrol but I know that is of your system quickly.
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    Beats the hell out of me. Trying doing a search.

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    The test will tell you soon enough....

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    You would have to look and see what the active life of the esters in the sust were, and the active life of the winstrol to get an idea of how long they would be in your system. Not to mention checking out whether or not the compounds like to bond to special tissues, like fat and things like that, because that will increase the time you can test positive for something. And why did you do a 6 week cycle? That is more like half a cycle.

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