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    Injection frequency with low dose cycle

    After debating dosages for next cycle, I opted to go with a low dose testosterone enanthate cycle. For what I want to achieve and results from other board members using low dose cycles I'm OK with it. I will be using 250ml per WK for 10-12 WKS depending on results. May even increase to 300ml per WK mid cycle. Question is, with such a low dose is there a need for injection x2 per WK? Or should I go every 4th day? Enanthate is pharmaceutical so doses are right on..............thanks

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    for a low dose like that, i would definitely shoot twice a week....keep those test levels as high as possible. you'll see some growth there, but the 400-500 range will yield greater gains

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    I have done 200mg of test e shooting just once a week and worked for me.

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