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    benefits from takin sust with tren

    ive dun 3 cycles on sust (last cycle for 10 weeks) combined with deca n d-bol, n i want to try sumthin new as i saw not many gains from last cycle.

    im to take tren EOD and i want to know will it b beneficial if i turn to test prop instead of sust250, as i imagine most of my receptor sites will still be full with sust250? any1 agree or disagree?
    if i do a 6-8 week cycle shall i take tamoxifen from day 1 at 10mg a day ED.


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    I would take sust longer then 6 weeks if I were you. Sust would be fine to use again and it works out with the ed/eod shots that both tren and sust need. I would use the prop though out of personal preference.
    If you didnt see many gains last cycle it's either due to diet, training, fake gear or it's just time for you increase your dose. That doesn't mean sust will no longer work for you.

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