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Thread: Cycle gains?

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    Cycle gains?

    Hey guys going to do my first cycle pretty soon just getting everything in check right now and I have a question. Will my gains start to slow down at the end of the cycle. I have read topics about receptors getting clogged or burned out and was just curious if I my gains are going to slow down towards the last few weeks.
    My cycle will be:
    1-13 wks 500 test e
    1-12 wks 400 eq
    10mg nolva ed
    and I have clomid for PCT but I'm not sure if I'm going to run it or try bumping up the nolva or run both with clomid at a lower dose. Still researching on this.

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    first of all let me say there is no researching required to decide whether to use clomid or not... you use it... check pheednos pct for proper start time... imo if ur diet is right ur gains are endless

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    not true, many advocate the sole use of Nolva for pct, over Clomid...check Hook's profiles for both, and make a decision based on science and empirical fact...personally, i'd just keep it on hand during, and use proviron instead, JMO, again, check the profile section...


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