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    Juicing all year around

    Is it true doing a low dose of enanthate at like 100mg a week for the whole year is actually good for keeping all your hard earned gains and because the dose is so low it wont hurt your body. Almost like an RX regime.

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    The point of no return.
    Your body has a built in preset ideal testosterone level and it constantly tries to maintain this level. Any extraneous testosterone will have an impact on this.

    RX doses are prescribed to males with decreased test levels due to aging or some other physiological reason. To put oneself on HRT at a young age (below 40 - 50) for an extended period of time is asking to be on HRT for life.

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    Us older guys (35+) are HRT candidates. Degeneration sucks, plain and simple. If we can prevent that and keep our HPTA healthy then I say "do whatever it takes"....I want to be 22 forever!!!!! With my pee-pee working accordingly....

    GH (if you can afford it), IGF-1, cycled AAS, proper nutrition, workouts and sleep is the key to extended health. You heard it here first.
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