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    Want this to end!!! Anyway to just "stop"

    K guys, I've been on tren enth and test enth for about 3 months now, and like really, i just want it to end. I can't take it anymore. My heart hurts, my blood pressure is high, I sweat, I'm bloated to shit and basically its a nasty cycle. I just want the bad stuff to end and I just want to get off this shit and start getting back to normal. The main thing is my blood pressure and the chest pains that i've been gettting. I dont' think I can wait the 3 weeks I need to to begin pct. I've cut salt out pretty nicely now, but I am really having a hard time with this. My last injection was a week ago. If I begin clomid now, will it speed up the process of getting this shit outta me, taking off the water, and helping me get back to normal? Any other suggestions for me? thanks so much in advance.

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    taking clomid now won't really speed up the process of getting test out of you. Your stuck with it for 2 weeks at least after your last injection. So stop injecting yourself, and wait 2 weeks then start pct. If you really don't want to wait try running 50mg/day of clomid until the pct is supposed to start.

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    i don't think the clomid would speed it up... however there is that steroid clense kit they sell here? maybe that could help you

    it sounds like you didn't like your cycle, did you gain anything? Maybe the gear wasn't of the best quality

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    Why would you keep injecting if you had sides like this? Use your head. And no, you must wait for the Test to clear your system. 2 weeks.

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    hahahaha, this is a funny post. Juststarting makes it sound like some JuiceNazi is forcing a needle in him every morning. ROTFLMAO.... Just stop taking it bro, yeah it's that simple. And the first order of business is that AAS is not a game, it's about your own health and you are always the judge and jury on how something is working out for you. Take your time and start slowly - take 1/2 or less of the dosages recommended by most people and see how you react. As you learn how your body tolerates or does not tolerate the substance and you gain knowledge of dealing with the side effects you can have a better shot at making gains, enjoying the cycle and maintaining the gains. Rushing into a dosing scheme that works well for "Joe Blow" don't mean sh*t for you. Take small steps and understand the negatives - there are always negatives, even with aspirin, iburpofen, so there certainly are with AAS. But knowing and anticipating the problems and addressing them before they turn into real headaches is part of the learning experience. But the old sage advice holds true, start slow and simple and read and understand the sides/negatives and understand the best course of action to counter each. If you know for example that staying fully hydrated, adding plenty of quality fiber, extra olive/monosat oil to the diet and getting extra rest are going to minimize sides - then do it. And get experience at mild dosage so when you bump you have a baseline w/ experience to draw on when you get heavier sides later. It's all about common sense and working with your own body to get the results you want.

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    I think its funny. Get this shit out of me! hahaha. You should of used prop and tren ace if you didnt know how you were going to react. Also on for 3 months and you wonder why your messed up? If you dont know how they react and how long to exit the body you had no buisness starting imo.

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