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    B5 mega dosing is helping my acne!

    Finally! I've been battling moderate to serious cystic acne for almost 4 months. Damn Tren caused it. I've tried 3 seperate antibiotics, 4 topical treatments, tanning etc. Nothing worked. I was about to start accutane and I heard about Pantothenic Acid (b5). Either it was a coincidence that my acne was about to clear up or this stuff works wonder. 10 Grams a day for 3 days and my acne looks 5x better. Should be gone in 2 weeks or so.

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    I was taking 4G;'s of b-5, didnt help at all, started to get big acne(one), stopped the tren and by 3rd day 80% clear, tren wasnt worth the sidesa for me, sticking to var.

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    yeah, did 5 grams for a while...saw almost no improvement. Bumped it to 10 grams and the shit was almost gone in a week. Cheaper, more effective, and safer than getting a prescription in my opinion.

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