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    the best way and how to take clen

    im want a few people to give me how they take clen and l-taurine. im trying to find out the best way for me to take it.

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    I take 20mcg ev 2 hrs starting at 7am up to 5pm for a total of 120mgc daily, you must taper up to this I believe, the first time you try it 20mcg the first day will screw me to the ceiling.20-40-60-80-100-120 and then I am only on for 2 weeks during the off time I take an eca stack. You really should read Hooker's profile on clen -great info on cycling and dosing.

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    You can take your clen 2x or 3x a day if you desire. I'm taking it 3x/day (every 4.5 hours). But you should start low and work your way up. You could try 20mcg's 3x/day for three days then 25 mcg's 3x/day... Your body will tell you when it's had enough in a day (believe me)
    Also you need to monitor your temperature daily because when your beta 2 receptors are downregulated your temp will retunr to normal and the clan will be rendered innefective.
    You can take benadryl 50 to 100 mg ed on weeks 3, 6, 9... to upregulate your beta 2 receptors and take your clen without the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off downtime like before.
    Read Hookers article on clen in the profiles section and you will see what I'm saying. Hook lays it all out for ya.

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